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Me Technology was established in 2019 by a leading Chinese commercial food mixer manufacturer, in order to upgrade and extend product lines with digital operations and IOT technologies.

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We are a young and energetic team experienced team to develop the premium quality planetary food mixer, stand mixer, dough mixer and pizza dough press machine in China.

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Our teams started the service to worldwide customers for a very long time, the fast food restaurants, high quality hotels and overseas retails stores are very happy to cooperated with us.

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What We Manufacture

B7F Commercial Stand Mixer Side

Commercial Stand Mixer

Equip your kitchen with superior quality commercial stand mixers, suited for all processes of pastry making, bakery, and catering. Several types of accessories allow multiple applications for these countertop mixers.
Commercial Flour Dough Mixer HX Series

Flour Dough Mixer

Whether you need the machine for your bakery, pizzeria, or cafeteria, this high-performance, variable speeds spiral dough mixer could help you to expedite dough production to increase your business’s productivity.
Commercial Food Mixer MA Series

Commercial Food Mixer

Planetary food mixer is widely used for mixing various types of food, perfect for bakery, pizzeria, or restaurant to help with the food preparation. With hundreds of commercial food mixers, you’re sure to find a unit that’s suitable for your needs.
Pizza Dough Press Machine

Pizza Dough Press

With a digital temp and time control panel, this easy operation pizza dough press is perfect for you to meet the high demand of the pizza dough for making the Indian Chapati, Italian Pizza, Lavash, Navaho Bread, Roti, and Tortilla that kind of food.
Easy Operated Dough Press

Clamshell Dough Press

This economical type of pizza dough press is ideal for a small pizza shop or a bakery owner to make the pizza. Compact tabletop design, easy to operate and clean, no skill and age requirement, quality products at an industry-leading price.
Spiral Dough Mixer

Spiral Dough Mixer

Design with an intuitive simple control panel, this series of spiral dough mixers are easy for your employees to prepare the dough. With an elegant appearance, 2 speeds for the dough mixing process, belt and gear combine drive.
Countertop Bread Slicer

Countertop Bread Slicer

With this bread slicer, you could slice a loaf of bread into the different thicknesses of slices quickly and precisely. Equip with a bread pusher, protection guard, and a bagging device, ensure your job finished smoothly and safely.
Floor Dough Sheeter

Reversible Dough Sheeter

Floor-type and countertop type reversible dough sheeter machine, quickly roll out several pounds of dough per minute. Made of corrosion-resistant material, long working time and saving your time and labor cost.
Commercial Food Mixer

Customized Products

Professional R&D department with years of industry experience. Whether you need the equipment for food preparation or products baking, or cooking, our products customized service is available for you all the time.

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Me Technology are very happy to provide you the premium quality products from China, and customize the creative products for you. Wanna know more about ME Technology, just contact us today!

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Emirates Airline

Marriott Hotels

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