Emirates Airline

The central kitchen of Emirates Airlines needs numerous commercial kitchen equipment. The new intelligent equipment from ME Technology helps Emirates’s central kitchen a lot. It is labor and cost saving.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott’s restaurants need to provide the foods all day. The intelligent equipment is easy to operate and saves the labors. Undoubtedly, it is the new trend equipment in kitchen equipment, can improve the kitchen working environment and make the working environment friendly.

Tesco Supermarkets

Tesco always looking for reliable equipment for heavy-duty kitchen work, and this intelligent equipment meets Tesco’s demands. This high-performance equipment, not just saves cost, but also improves kitchen efficiency. It is worth investing the intelligent kitchen equipment.

LSG Sky Chefs Service

The LSG Airlines needs intelligent equipment from ME Technology to handle the large quantities of meal preparation. The program’s setting can guarantee each preparation meals are in great uniformity.

Metro Group

The intelligent dough mixers bring a big benefit to the food preparation in Metro. The memorable program makes the work easier and faster. Will waiting for more intelligent equipment from ME Technology.

Burger King

Burger King cares about the safety of the equipment, glad to have the ETL approval equipment from ME Technology, which meets the safety and sanitation standards.