Dough Press Assembling Line

The dough press machine is a piece of popular equipment for pizzerias and restaurants. Because this unit could improve the efficiency of their pizza making. With this dough press from ME Technology, you could make all sizes of pizza. And the max diameter is up to 18 inches. Having a pizza dough press on your restaurant, cafeteria, pizzeria kitchen. You could make your products more consistent in thickness and diameter. Showing how professional you are.


ME Technology will test every machine when we finish the machine production. To ensures our clients receive the machine in good conditions, with excellent machine performance, elegant appearance. Plus, our pizza dough presses customized service is available, allowing you to make the different thicknesses of crusts. Also welcome to check out other great items for your restaurant or bakery. We have a large option available at moderate prices.

Pizza Dough Press Installation Line
Pizza Dough Press Installation Line
ME Technology Dough Press
Pizza Dough Press Inspection Line