Easy Operation Pizza Dough Press Machine

New item commercial pizza dough press machine from ME Technology is ideal for the Pizzeria, Cafes, School to meet the medium to high production volumes. With this pizza dough press machine, you could make many kinds of dough products like Pizza Crust, Chapati, Pita Bread, Parathas, Lavash, and Mexican Tortilla that kind of food.

Pizza Dough Press
Pizza Dough Press
Digital Temp and Time Control, and Adjustable Thickness

Features a digital control panel, you could control the temperature and time for the dough pressing process and adjust the thickness for the pizza dough you desired. In truth, the dough ball and the thickness setting will determine the size of the pizza crust.

Procedure Recording Function Provides the Simple operation

The dough press machine features the procedure recording function, that is to say you record a pizza press process, next time you just select this procedure, the machine will run the same process automatically. Undoubtedly, it really an affordable way to improve your production time.

Product Parameter

Model: ME-P18M
Voltage: 120V / 240V
Width: 470 mm x Depth 765 mm x Height 470 mm
Press Diameter: 18“ (457 mm)
Current: 11 Amps
Power: 1200 Watts
Temperature: 0 – 200ºF (Upper Plate)
Net Weight: 49.2 KG

ME Technology

Product Features

> Reliable
> Safe Operation
> Easy to Clean
> Compact Table Top Design
> Heavy Duty Construction
> Trouble-Free
> Maintenance – Free
> Heat Protection Guard
> Non-Stick Work Surfaces

> Accurate and Even Dough Products
> Faster Than Hand Made
> Almost 600 pieces production per hour
> Simple and Easy Control
> Thickness Adjustable
> Modern Design
> ETL Listed
> Cheap Price
> Heavy and Stable Body

Product Details
Pizza Dough Pressing
Product Details
Pizza Dough Pressing

Dough Press Operation Video

Tasty Food Made By Pizza Dough Press Machine

Navaho Bread
Pita Bread
Italian Pizza
Indian Chapati

Related Equipment

With our highly efficient dough press machine to press and flatten the dough, plus our easy-operated turnover machine, you could easily make dumplings, pastry, meat pie and empanadas, and similar food.

Clamshell Dough Press
Clamshell Dough Press
Dough Press Machine
Turnover Machine
Dough Press Operation
First, set the desired thickness for pressing the dough, second, place the prepared dough ball in the center, and lower the platen, and press the dough. Then you will have the perfect dough crust.
Dough Pressing
Dough Pressing
Dough Pressing
Turnover Machine Operation
Fill, fold and press to seal a perfect packet. Place the dough on the turnover machine, fill in the material that you want to add. Then fold the dough. It is quick and effortless to make the dumplings, empanadas, meat pie and samosas, and so on.
Turnover Machine
Model: DEM-10
Machine Size: 520X250X270 MM
Packing Size: 530X290X320 MM
Net Weight: 9.5 KG
Gross Weight: 14 KG
Production: 600 PCS/HOUR
Semi-Circle Pressing Die Size: 140X83 MM
Material: All 1.5 mm Thickness Stainless Steel 304
Meat Pie Making
Meat Pie Making
Meat Pie Making
Jamaican beef patties
Jamaican beef patties
Mold Dies Available
This turnover is ideal for many foods. You could use it to cut and press fruit pies, perogies,  calzones, dumplings, empanadas, and more. We have the die mold sizes as follows; mold dies customized service is available. You can choose the size of mold die, cut out dough in the size you want.
Mold Die

Operation Video

Fashionable Design Allow You a Convenient Dough Pressing Job
The heavy-duty stainless-steel construction and fashionable design ensure the reliability and durability of the machine. What’s more, it features a bottom swing-away design, which is easier to use than top swinging models. Besides, the upper heated platen allows the dough to be pressed straight from the refrigeration unit, and keeps your dough from shrinking back, and sticking to the upper platen.

It is a fast, safe, simple machine to make consistent pizza for your business. Unlike the sheeters, rollers, this dough presses machine requires no skilled labor, no age requirements. Firstly, set your temperature and thickness, and pull down the handle, and a little time, then the dough press machine will always give you the best result. In short, compact countertop design, safe manual operation, easy cleaning, competitive price, if you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Dough Press Production Line

Dough Press Production Line
Dough Press Assembly Line
Dough Press Production Line
Dough Press Assembly Line

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